Taxidermist fees, shipping and dipping costs are excluded and will depend on whether the client decide on mounting the trophies in South Africa or shipping it to your country of origin. Excellent taxidermists are available in South Africa and their prices are very competitive. Trophies can be shoulder mounted or only scull mounted (which is much cheaper). Once the client decides on the mounting the trophies in South Africa, we can visit the taxidermist and deliver the trophies with the clients instructions and the client can get a quotation from the taxidermist before leaving South Africa. My recommended taxidermistís delivering time is six months and his prices are very competitive.

For the importation of trophies into the USA, I suggest the services of following person: John Meehan of Fauna and Flora in New York - e-mail: He will make sure that all the paperwork is acceptable and complete and get your shipment through the inspections of Customs, Fish and Game, and USDA. They will keep it in their bonded facilities until cleared and ready to be shipped to you. His telephone number is 1-800-886-3286 or 1-718-977-7700 or fax 1-718-977-8230.

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