Miscellaneous Information

Hunting Areas
African Scent Safaris only conduct hunting on privately owned game farms varying in size from 1000 to 100 000 acres, fenced or unfenced, or on Government owned Nature Reserves (20 000 to 100 000 acres). Please note that this is not the notorious ?paddock? hunting used by some PH?s. We do not believe in the put and take method as used by a lot of PH?s in South Africa. The animals we will be hunting were born and grew old on these areas and were not caught in another area and released a day or week before the actual hunt. We believe in fair chase hunting methods, except for the Lion hunting as explained above.

Personal Attention
As owner of African Scent Safaris, I will personally conduct the hunt and the client can be assured of the best service and hunting experience available. If larger groups need to be accommodated, additional experienced Professional Hunters will be used to ensure a personal experience for each client.

It is advisable that every hunter should have his/her own PH (one-on-one basis). African Scent Safaris employs the best professional hunters available in South Africa. Our professional hunters will be at your service during the complete duration of your safari. You will be ensured of his full attention and effort of getting you the best animals. This one-on-one basis is slightly more expensive but is strongly recommended. A PH can only have two clients at a time according to the South African Professional Hunters Association?s laws.

Hunt Duration
I recommend that a hunt should be between March and October and typically for about 10 days at a time, depending on the number of animals required. The client will fly to Johannesburg and I recommend that you will then fly to Bloemfontein, where I will collect you and also see that you board the plane afterwards. This arrangement will save some traveling time. Final traveling details will be arranged.

Quality of Trophies
All the animals on offer will be guaranteed SCI qualifiers and some can even be Rowland Ward. This means that my staff and me will try our utmost best in letting you shoot a qualifying animal and not the first animal we come across. This is a pledge from my staff and me. We want to be as proud as you are with the standard of your animals. I you are a trophy hunter wanting the highest quality trophies, African Scent Safaris will definitely help you achieve this dream. Our track record proves our high standard of trophies.

If the client is a serious record book trophy hunter and is only looking for world class record book trophies, this should be specified when booking a hunt. These animals are not readily available at all hunting areas and greater effort is required to obtain such standard. Prices of these record-breaking trophies, as ordered by the client, will be negotiated. The animals listed in the advertised trophy price list and package price list are all guaranteed SCI and even Roland Ward standard animals and their prices is as advertised.

Daily Fees
The daily fees (as listed in the prices section) includes all meals, drinks, accommodation, laundry, all transport (between hunting areas and between airport and hunting areas), normal hunting licenses and VAT, skinning of trophies, preparing of trophies and taking the trophies to the taxidermist. Note that there will be no additional costs regarding the hunt or the hunters stay with African Scent Safaris. Depending on the size (number of hunters and number of animals taken) and duration of the safari, the daily fees are negotiable.

Hunting Packages
It is suggested that a first time hunter coming to South Africa must seriously consider hunting a plains game package consisting of five to ten animals and the duration should be approximately ten days.

Specials on packages is such that traveling is minimized and the cost of a package is usually less than the individual trophy prices. Watch this space for Specials on Packages

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