Your Outfitter / Professional Hunter

Willem Botha (managing director of African Scent Safaris) is an experienced and seasoned professional game hunter with 30 years' comprehensive hunting experience and knowledge in guiding hunters and clients in the Southern African region. He have been a hunter all his life and a registered Professional Hunter since 1996. He have conducted successful hunting trips with numerous clients from all over the world and they have bagged several world class trophies. He believes in hunting free roaming wild animals as far as possible and will ensure that his clients experience an authentic African Hunting Safari in the true sense of the word.

He is also a gun shop owner, dealer in firearms and is the founder member of the South African and Free State Hunting Rifle Society and is registered with the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA).

Responsibilities: A professional hunter must accompany overseas visitors who wish to hunt in South African. The professional hunter is the person that guides the client in the hunting area in order to hunt an animal to obtain a trophy. He sees to the welfare of the client while in the hunting camp. He is in charge of the hunting camp and its personnel. He makes certain the client is in possession of all relevant documents, licenses and permits before the hunt can start. He sees to it that the client’s trophies are skinned and prepared according to the correct methods. He is responsible for his client’s safety while in the camp and in the hunting area. The professional hunter sees to it that his client does not hunt contrary to the provisions of the law.